Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Starting to Make Sense

When I first began to crochet these beanie patterns it was hard for me to figure out how to make my hats wider. I could comprehend the idea of making them longer but for some reason I couldn't figure out the width of the pattern. The more I practiced the more  I started to see that if you add a couple of increased rounds that helps in making the beanie wider and easier to fit larger sized heads or heads with more hair like me.

Now that it's started to make sense to me I've began to make hats for adults and older children. Where as before the pattern would be intended for an adult but it would always end up as a finished item for a child. I also figured out through trial and error that a pattern is only a foundation for your creation. You can make any adjustments as need be when making something of your own.

I'm learning so much and enjoying this craft in the process. I'm looking forward to so many more things to come and I hope you are too.